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Natural Cycles, founded by Elina Berglund, a former CERN physicist, is a revolutionary FDA-cleared birth control app. It's the only app of its kind to be cleared by the FDA as birth control.

The app leverages an algorithm to analyze a woman's body temperature for fertility tracking, offering a hormone-free, non-invasive birth control option. With over 3 million registered users, Natural Cycles has analyzed over 13 million cycles and has a team of 90+ employees. The app is effective 93% of the time with typical use and 98% with perfect use.

Natural Cycles is also CE certified in Europe, ARTG listed in Australia, and compatible with Oura Ring. The brand boasts over 415k Instagram followers and numerous positive customer testimonials.

Recent brand deals include Jess Conte, Maggie MacDonald, IndiaBatson, Brianna Fox and Karissa Pukas. You can request access to our brand deal research below for a complete report.

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