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Mina Le, a fashion historian and YouTuber, launched her channel in 2020, quickly gaining over one million subscribers. She's known for her detailed analysis of fashion history, culture, and entertainment, often integrating political and historical commentary.

Her content ranges from costume analysis to broader discussions on fashion trends and their cultural significance. Le's style, blending vintage with modern aesthetics, reflects her deep knowledge of fashion history. She holds a New York Public Library membership, leveraging resources like JSTOR and ProQuest for research.

Le also started a podcast called 'High Brow' in March 2023. Her first YouTube video, focusing on the Oscar-winning costume design of 'Atonement (2007)', set the tone for her unique content. Her channel's growth was catalyzed by a video on the historical accuracy of Disney Princess dresses.

As of 2023, Le is signed with IMG Models and WME, and she emphasizes the importance of fashion in reflecting social, political, and cultural shifts.

Recent sponsors include dotsandco, squarespace, GetRhinoShield, helixsleep and substackinc. You can request access to our brand deal research below for a complete report.

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