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Skillshare is an online learning community focused on creative education. It offers over 27,000 premium and 2,000 free courses across various categories like design, business, technology, and more.

Skillshare emphasizes interactive, project-based learning and boasts notable instructors such as Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki. As of 2019, it introduced a 'Groups' feature for enhanced interaction among members. In 2021, Skillshare transitioned to an entirely paid model, requiring membership for course access.

The platform has undergone a branding revamp, introducing a new visual identity with a focus on creative discovery and fulfillment. skillshare is tagged under online learning.

Recent brand deals include Alex Bondoc, BoroCG, charusharu, Black Bear Forge and Hardware Haven. You can request access to our brand deal research below for a complete report.

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