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Founded in 2008 in Nanjing, China, by Chris Xu, Shein is a leading global online fashion and lifestyle retailer. Initially named Sheinside, the company rebranded to Shein in 2015 for simplicity and online recognition.

Shein specializes in women's clothing but also offers men's, children's, and home life products. The company is known for its on-demand manufacturing technology, reducing inventory waste and offering affordable products. By 2022, Shein moved its headquarters to Singapore and had become the world's largest fast-fashion firm, excelling in using big data and rapid Chinese manufacturing to design clothing at lower prices.

The company has faced controversies regarding intellectual property theft and ethical concerns in its production processes. It has also been criticized for the environmental impact of fast fashion and worker treatment. Despite these issues, Shein remains popular among teenagers and young adults, particularly in the US, and has a significant online presence. SheInOfficial is tagged under Fashion.

Recent brand deals include ADRI Land, NuryJimenez, Julie Anna Fleming, Gloria Oz and Patrizienta. You can request access to our brand deal research below for a complete report.

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