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Founded in 2015, Mejuri is a Canadian jewelry brand that specializes in fine jewelry for everyday wear. The company emphasizes sustainability and ethical sourcing in its operations.

Mejuri's approach to jewelry is centered around self-expression and empowerment, encouraging customers to purchase jewelry for themselves. The brand is committed to sustainability, focusing on people, planet, and product, and releases new products weekly based on consumer demand to reduce waste. CEO Noura Sakkijha comes from three generations in the jewelry industry and aims to shift the focus from traditional gifting to self-purchasing.

Mejuri has a global presence with over 500 employees and a significant percentage of its workforce identifying as women.

Recent brand deals include moya mawhinney, Wear I Live, sparklingbeautybee, Laini Ozark and Christina Mychas. You can request access to our brand deal research below for a complete report.

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