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Founded as a blogshop in 2005, Love, Bonito has transformed into a leading women's fashion brand in Southeast Asia, particularly focusing on the Asian market. It is known for its accessible and thoughtfully designed clothing that caters to the diverse needs of modern Asian women.

The brand emphasizes female empowerment, community engagement, and a digital-first approach while also expanding into physical retail. Love, Bonito offers a range of products from casual wear to formal attire, ensuring inclusivity for different body types. With a strong online presence and an expanding physical footprint in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, and the United States, Love, Bonito continues to grow its brand influence globally. lovebonito is tagged under women's fashion.

Recent brand deals include Hello Krysti, Rachel Vinn, Lauryn Doan, annika's leaf and Anna Akana. You can request access to our brand deal research below for a complete report.

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