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Established Titles, founded by CEO Katerina Yip and operated by Galton Voysey in Hong Kong, offers novelty gifts in the form of small land parcels in Scotland, marketing them as a means to become a 'Laird, Lord, or Lady.' The company asserts its commitment to woodland preservation, pledging to plant a tree with every order. However, it faced controversy over its marketing and legitimacy, particularly concerning the actual ownership of the land and the nature of the titles offered.

Despite claiming to preserve Scottish woodlands, there is skepticism about their direct conservation efforts in Scotland. Established Titles has engaged in aggressive marketing, notably through YouTube sponsorships, leading to further scrutiny and debate about its practices. Established Titles is tagged under Novelty Gift.

Recent brand deals include Роман, Paul Joseph Watson, Pakistan Aslah House, Sailing Project Atticus and Super Military TV. You can request access to our brand deal research below for a complete report.

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