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Guillermo Díaz, known as Willyrex, is a prominent Spanish YouTube personality and author. He manages two YouTube channels, Willyrex and TheWillyrex.

He started his YouTube journey to share gameplays with friends, adopting 'Willyrex' as a moniker combining 'Willy' (nickname for William) and 'rex' (Latin for king). Willyrex's content primarily revolves around gaming, notably Minecraft, and he has co-authored a book saga titled Wigetta with fellow YouTuber Vegetta777. Willyrex has also co-developed a mobile game, Karmarun.

His channels are highly popular in Spanish-speaking countries, especially among the younger audience. Willyrex is tagged under Gaming.

Recent sponsors include playstation, decentraland, LEGO, TowerofFantasy.Official and streamlabshq. You can request access to our brand deal research below for a complete report.

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