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Max Miller, host of 'Tasting History with Max Miller,' is a YouTube sensation known for his unique fusion of culinary arts and historical exploration. He recreates historical dishes using authentic or near-authentic recipes from various time periods, adding modern twists for contemporary kitchens.

His channel, which started in December 2019, quickly gained popularity, reaching hundreds of thousands of viewers interested in historical recipes like ancient Roman condiments, medieval cheese, and Civil War bread pudding. Max's engaging style combines historical facts with culinary skills, making history accessible and enjoyable through food. He also explores different cultures through food, like his collaboration with the Taste of India Food Festival to recreate a 12th-century Indian dish.

Max, a Phoenix-born, Los Angeles-based creator, started the channel during the pandemic after being furloughed from his job at Walt Disney Studios. His content covers a wide range of historical periods, including Medieval times, the Renaissance era, ancient Rome, and Mesopotamia.

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